About Us

About Us

We are a specialty coffee roasters located in Norwell, Massachusetts. We do not operate a cafe but our coffees are available for purchase online. 

Doghouse Coffee Roasters Logo - Spotteddog facing up and to the right. One of the spots is in the shape of a coffee bean.


Doghouse Coffee Roasters was founded on the idea that incredible coffee should be an attainable luxury. Coffee can be so much more than a daily caffeine fix. It has a unique way of bringing us together and uniting us. We believe that coffee should be experienced, savored, enjoyed and ultimately bring a smile to our faces.

We aim to curate this experience by providing incredible, great-tasting coffee. We do not operate a café which allows us to put all of our focus on sourcing and roasting the best coffee possible. At Doghouse Roasters, we love to experiment, taste and explore all that coffee has to offer.  Our passion and the quest for the perfect cup drives us. We are excited to share our coffees with you and hope you enjoy.

A shot of espresso on a wooden table.

Our Story

Doghouse Coffee Roasters started with a simple love for coffee and a desire to experiment and tinker. We started roasting at home in 2012. At the time we were looking for a way to achieve fresher, better quality coffee than could be found locally to help fuel a growing espresso habit. What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion. It would become apparent to friends and family that our small home-based coffee roasting operation could become something bigger.

Animal lovers to the core, we formed Doghouse Coffee Roasters wanting to embody the spirit of man’s best friend. No other animal better exemplifies a love of life and the feeling of living to enjoy every moment. 

Now we roast on a 3kg San Franciscan roaster but our batches are still meticulously handcrafted for our customers.  Each roast is a manual process with a human being standing by the roaster using all 5 senses and tiny inputs to get just the right flavors from the coffee. We never automate our roasts but we use computers to track each roast to maintain consistency. In the end it’s about the result in the cup and that moment when you take a sip, smile and say: “This is good coffee!”

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